Altagracia Faith and Justice Works  is dedicated to putting faith into action and promoting social justice through dynamic collaborations and needs-based initiatives in service to the communities of Northern Manhattan.

Who We Are

Altagracia Faith and Justice Works expresses God's love to others by responding to their social needs and promoting justice. We have been called to put their faith in action and carry out this work in their communities. Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, the organization works to integrate prayer, service, advocacy, and action through local programs, initiatives, and events.  

What We Do

Assist, educate and advocate community members in the areas of faith formation, social justice ministry, youth ministry, leadership, housing, health, immigration, and domestic violence. To accomplish this, we have developed three major programs; G.L.U, Breaking Bread and Social Justice Ministry Teams.

Our Mission

Altagracia Faith and Justice Works empowers community leaders to put their faith into action and promote social justice through faith formation, leadership development, service and advocacy opportunities to effect concrete local change in Northern Manhattan.